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Mya may refer to:

Personal names[edit]

  • Bo Mya (1927–2006), nom de guerre of a Myanmar rebel leader, chief commander of the Karen National Union
  • Mýa or Mýa Marie Harrison (born 1979), an American R&B singer-songwriter and actress
    • Mýa (album), a 1998 album by Mýa


  • Burmese language, ISO 639-3 code is mya
  • Moruya Airport's IATA code
  • The IOC, license plate, and UNDP country code for Myanmar ("MYA")

Brands and product names[edit]

  • Midwest Young Artists, a comprehensive youth music program
  • Mya (TV channel), an Italian Television channel
  • Mya (program), an intelligent personal assistant created by Motorola

Other uses[edit]

  • Mya (unit) or million years ago, a unit of time used in astronomy, geology and biology
  • Mya (genus), a genus of soft-shell clams

See also[edit]

  • Maia (mythology), English variant of Maia, Greek mythology
  • Maya (disambiguation), a word with similar pronunciation
  • Myia, Pythagorean philosopher
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