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The House Next Door may refer to:

  • The House Next Door (2002), a Made-For-Tv/Direct-To Home-Video Hitchcockian-style Urban Horror/mystery-thriller film, directed by Joey Travolta.
  • The House Next Door (Big Brother), a series of rooms connected to the 2006 Big Brother House for the UK television series
  • The House Next Door (2006 film), a made-for-television movie produced by the Lifetime Network
  • The House Next Door (2017 film), an upcoming Indian trilingual film.
  • The House Next Door (novel), 1976 novel by Anne Rivers Siddons
  • The House Next Door (telenovela), a 2011 Telemundo telenovela
  • The House Next Door, the official blog of Slant magazine, which is "home" to columns about media, the arts and current events
  • Die Von Hochsatte (or The House Next Door), an early 20th Century theatre production written by Leo Stein
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