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Madeleine Madden (also known as Maddy Madden) is an Australian actress.


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Madden starred in Australia's first indigenous teen drama, Ready for This, and in the critically applauded Redfern Now.[1][2] She has also starred in The Moodys, Jack Irish, My Place and The Code. In 2016 she starred in the miniseries Tomorrow, When the War Began which is based on the John Marsden series of young adult books. In 2018 she played Marion Quade in the miniseries Picnic at Hanging Rock [3]

In 2010 at age 13 Madeleine Madden became the first teenager in Australia to deliver an address to the nation, when she delivered a two-minute speech on the future of Indigenous Australians. It was broadcast to 6 million viewers on every free-to-air television network in Australia.[4][5] She said she grew up in a very political family, and she is the great-granddaughter of Hetty Perkins, the granddaughter of Charles Perkins, and the daughter of Hetti Perkins.[1][4][5]


Madden has starred in short films by Deborah Mailman, and Meryl Tankard and co-starred with Christina Ricci and Jack Thompson in Around the Block.[3][6] Her first film acting job was at eight years old. She aims to become a director in the future.[7]