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Cleavage may refer to:


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  • Cleavage (crystal), in mineralogy and materials science, a process of splitting a crystal
  • Cleavage (geology), the foliation perpendicular to stress as a result of ductile deformation
  • Cleavage (embryo), in embryology, the division of cells in the early embryo
  • Cleavage (fiber), in optical fibers
  • Bond cleavage in chemistry and biochemistry, the splitting of chemical bonds
  • Cleavage factor
  • In cell biology, the cleavage furrow is the indentation that begins the process of cleavage, by which animal cells undergo cytokinesis


  • Cleavage (breasts), the partial exposure of the separation between a woman's breasts
  • Buttock cleavage, the minor exposure of the buttocks and the gluteal cleft between them
  • Toe cleavage, the partial exposure of a woman's toes in shoes
  • Cleavage enhancement, the process of improving cleavage from breasts
  • Teeth cleavage or tooth cleavage, slang for Diastema, the gap between a person's two front teeth

Other uses[edit]

  • Cleavage (politics), the divisions of society that cause people to vote differently

See also[edit]

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