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Trailer review: Anushka steps into bloody territory with NH10

Neil Bhoopalam and Anushka Sharma in NH10It all looks thrillingly promising. 

There’s intrigue right from the opening frames of the NH10 trailer, as a metal rod is dragged across a dimly lit road.

The next shot has Anushka Sharma turning to her fellow, here played by Neil Bhoopalam, and suggests they go home and make “mad love”, but their grins and happy coupley photographs are interspersed with darker shots of Anushka battered and bruised, and rustic shouting.

The couple are setting off for a road-trip, but this is clearly an ugly ride.

Director Navdeep Singh -- who last made the underrated mystery Manorama Six Feet Under -- is back in gritty territory with NH10, a film that looks bloody and violent and, to be honest, pretty hard on its heroine.

As the trailer unravels, we see the couple far from the safety of the city, caught in some local hooliganism.

Things take a bristly turn, and as the music amps up the suspense, Anushka seems increasingly frayed -- and increasingly deadly.

It all looks thrillingly promising.

NH10 releases on March 6, 2015.

Image: Neil Bhoopalam and Anushka Sharma in NH10