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Review: Avoid watching You Too Brutus

The message from You Too Brutus is that human relationships are fragile but the way it is conveyed leaves us with a bad taste in the mouth, says Paresh C Palicha.

Director Roopesh Peethabaran’s latest film You Too Brutus has an ensemble cast with varying degrees of experience.

With adultery, promiscuity and someone who is frustrated because his virginity is still intact, it’s a typically formulaic ‘new gen’ film on the lines of Trivandrum Lodge.

The film is made in a haphazard manner with no thought to plot or logic. One gets the feeling that the director is only trying to make the next scene more outrageous than the previous one.

For example, there’s a happily married man who owns a recording studio, and prays that his monogamous status will not be breached when an attractive aspiring singer wants to record in his studio. And, the first thing she asks herself after seeing him is, “What is wrong if I love a married man?”

Healthy man-woman relationships in the professional field are apparently not on and the two soon jump into bed. 

One more example of this kind: a dimwitted lover boy elopes with his under-aged girlfriend. He is advised to enjoy her and stay hidden from the world until the day she legally becomes an adult.

There are more such regressive ideas. A fashion photographer, who is in a live-in relationship, is told by his partner that she has agreed to a marriage proposal brought by her parents, as she wants to see them happy.

Moreover, she promises him that their relationship won’t change and she will return to him after a couple of months claiming that her husband is not the right partner for her!

The narrative is filled with crass humour and the situations become more obnoxious by the minute.

One wonders how a senior artist like Sreenivasan agreed to be in this film. Younger actors like Asif Ali and Tovino Thomas, who have nothing to lose, will try to get whatever they can from it

The message from You Too Brutus is that human relationships are fragile but the way it is conveyed leaves us with a bad taste in the mouth.

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