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Review: 36 Vayadhinile is Jyothika's show all the way

JyotikaA simple yet effective script, well executed by the director, and the wonderful performance of Jyothika definitely make 36 Vayadhinile worth a watch, writes S Saraswathi. 

36 Vayadhinile is the remake of Rosshan Andrrews' Malayalam film, How Old Are You. 

The Tamil version -- also directed by Rosshan -- marks the fabulous comeback of Jyothika, who returns to the big screen after a hiatus of eight years. 

The film talks about the inevitable changes in the life of a woman after marriage.

It tells us how even the most bold and enterprising young women, full of enthusiasm and dreams for their future are reduced to this robotic self-sacrificing martyr with no identity of their own. 

36 Vayadhinile is the story of one such woman, Vasanthi (Jyothika). 

Though well educated and with a decent government job, all her hopes and dreams are lost in the mundane routine of everyday life. Just cooking three meals a day, and looking to the comforts of her self-centered husband Tamilselvan (Rahman) and daughter sums up her life. 

Tamilselvan, who is tired of his mediocre existence, wants to shift to Ireland. Even her young daughter wants to pursue education abroad. But Vasanthi is unable to get a job there and Tamilselvan cannot afford to take her on a dependent visa. 

Vasanthi's life is in turmoil; her daughter is upset and her husband blames her for all the misfortunes in his life. She is hurt by their constant taunts and ridicule at her ineptness and failure to succeed at anything in life.

It is at this time that Vasanthi receives a surprise invitation from the President of the country. Suddenly, she is the center of attraction and this helps brings back some pride into her life.

But the visit backfires and she becomes even a greater disgrace to her family. Her husband and daughter use this opportunity to escape to Ireland. After slogging for 14 years at her marriage, Vasanthi is left with nothing.

The second half is all about how she struggles to recover her sense of self-worth with the help of an old college friend Suzan (Abhirami). 

The film is undoubtedly Jyothika's show all the way. She effortlessly keeps you engaged with her myriad expressions, emotions and spontaneity.  She draws you into her confused life, makes you smile and brings in a few tears without ever getting overly dramatic.

The movie definitely seems like the perfect comeback vehicle for this hugely talented actor, who gave up film to focus on her family at the peak of her career.

Rahman, Abhirami, Delhi Ganesh and others in the cast provide adequate support. Music by Santhosh Narayanan and editing by Mahesh Narayanan deserve special mention.   

A simple yet effective script, well executed by the director, coupled with some enjoyable music, and the wonderful performance of Jyothika definitely make 36 Vayadhinile worth a watch. 

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